Department of English Scholarships (non-majors)

Students wishing to be considered for scholarships from the Department of English should apply to this opportunity. Some scholarships are not restricted to English majors. More information on each scholarship awarded may be found at .

Supplemental Questions
  1. The application deadline for Department of English undergraduate scholarships is February 19, 2019. More information on department scholarships can be found at
    Upload a copy of your degree audit if you are a current ISU student, or an unofficial copy of your transcript if you are an incoming highschool or transfer student.
  2. If you wish to be considered for the Albert L. Walker Excellence in English
    recognizing students with a love of literature, provide a 500 word expository essay regarding what you have found to be interesting or satisfying about your study of literature.
  3. If you wish to be considered for the Kurt Moody Creative Writing Award
    upload your creative writing portfolio of up to 25 pages that is restricted to any one of the following genres or combination of them: fiction writing, screenwriting, playwriting.
  4. If you are a current ISU or incoming transfer student and wish to be considered for the Dr. Pearl Hogrefe Creative Writing Scholarship
    upload samples of your writing that demonstrate your ability in creative writing. This should include one or two short stories or a collection of poems, screenplay, play excerpt, or nonfiction essay. Word total for all documents combined should not exceed 5000 (sophomores), 6000 (juniors), 7000 (seniors).
  5. If you wish to be considered for the Dr. Pearl Hogrefe Creative Writing Scholarships
    you must also provide the name and email address of an instructor or faculty member who can write a reference, if requested, regarding your ability and commitment to study in your chosen area of study. Please speak to your reference about this request.
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