VM 4

Recipients must be enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine to be eligible.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you want to be considered for scholarships for VM 4 students?
  2. Peer Nominations: ISU Veterinary Alumni Association "Gentle Doctor" Award

    This $250 award is presented annually to an individual from the VM 4 class who best exemplifies the ideals of the veterinary medical profession--ethics, professionalism, loyalty, dedication, etc. Each student may nominate one individual.

    Please select your nominee choice from the list provided.
  3. Submit your nomination for the individual you have selected from your class.
  4. Employee of the Season Award

    This award recognizes an outstanding staff member in the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center or Veterinary Clinical Sciences department and the spring awardee is selected by fourth year students. Select one person from the list below and provide a statement of support, if desired (not necessary).
  5. Submit a statement of support for the individual selected from the list provided.
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