Leadership through Engineering Academic Diversity Learning Community (LEAD LC) Scholarship

Scholarship support for incoming freshmen who participate in the Leadership through Engineering Academic Diversity Learning Community (LEAD LC)

Supplemental Questions
  1. The LEAD scholarship application is open to students who are a part of, or interested in, the LEAD Learning Community (LEAD LC). Students need to be registered for ENGR 1040 for the fall 2024 semester to be considered. If awarded the $1,000 scholarship (split evenly fall/spring semesters), students will be a required to satisfactorily complete ENGR 1040 in the fall 2024 semester and ENGR 1050 in the spring 2025 semester.

    The LEAD LC provides academic, professional and socialcultural development to aid in the success and retention of students. Students in the LEAD LC will: <>br>
    • engage in the ENGR 1040 (fall) and ENGR 1050 (spring) weekly seminar class
    • receive mentorship from junior/senior peer mentors and alumni industrial mentors
    • engage in professional development seminars, industry visits, and community building activities
    • interact with Engineering faculty, staff, and alumni
    • participate in daily study sessions facilitated by peer mentors and have access to on-site tutoring services
    • develop leadership skills and complete community service projects

    If you are not already enrolled in the ENGR 1040 LEAD Learning Community seminar class this fall semester, have Fridays 2:15pm-4:05pm open in your schedule, and have a strong interest in being a part of this experience, please reach out to Dr. Ancar (lancar@iastate.edu) or 515-294-0690 to inquire if there are still spaces available.

    1. Share about a time you faced adversity, how you overcame it, and what lessons you learned. (500 word limit)
  2. 2. Share WHY you are pursuing an engineering degree and HOW this scholarship opportunity will help you reach your goals. (500 word limit)