Navy Engineering Analytics Program Scholarship

The Navy Engineering Analytics Program (NEAP) is offering scholarships of $4,000 per student spread over two academic years. NEAP ( is designed to teach engineering analytical skills with a focus on Navy and defense applications and encourage students to consider careers in the Navy and broader defense community.
The scholarship is designed to award students who are part of NEAP, have demonstrated academic excellence, and are considering a career in the Navy or broader defense community. Students will assessed via three criteria:
1. Academic excellence and progress towards graduation
2. Interest and experiences relevant to Navy employment and/or the defense community
3. Extracurricular activities
The only minimum criterion is that the recipient is an engineering undergraduate student in good class standing at Iowa State University. Preference will be given towards students who:
• Are currently enrolled in and/or demonstrate commitment towards taking multiple courses in NEAP (see for details about the classes)
• Are at least two years away from graduating

Questions about the scholarship or NEAP should be directed toward Miho Walczak (Program Assistant) or Cameron MacKenzie (Program Director).

Supplemental Questions
  1. More details on the Navy Engineering Analytics Program (NEAP) can be found at

    If this program fits your career goals and you would like to be considered for the NEAP Scholarship, submit responses to the following questions. Be sure to thoroughly answer each question regardless of responses provided elsewhere in the OneApp system. Students will be evaluated only on responses provided to these questions. .

    Are you currently enrolled in IE 420 Engineering Problem Solving with R?
  2. Are you planning on taking IE 453X Engineering Problem Solving for Defense in Spring 2024?
  3. Are you planning on taking IE 472 Design and Evaluation of Human-Computer Interaction in Spring 2024?
  4. Are you planning on taking IE 313X Crisis Decision Making and Risk Management with Defense Applications in Fall 2024?
  5. Why are you applying for this scholarship in the Navy Engineering Analytics Program? What is your motivation for joining NEAP and what do you hope to achieve from the program? (500 words or less)