Cargill Thrive Scholarship

1. Recipients shall be degree-seeking students enrolled in one (1) of the following majors: accounting, agriculture systems technology, agricultural business, agricultural economics, agricultural education, agricultural engineering, agricultural studies, agriculture and society, agronomy, animal science, biochemistry, biology (CALS), biosystems engineering, business analytics, business economics, chemical engineering, chemistry, communication studies, dairy science, economics, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science (CALS), finance, food science, global resource systems, industrial engineering, industrial technology, management, management information systems, marketing, mechanical engineering, microbiology, or supply chain management.
2. Recipients shall be students who have demonstrated leadership or significant participation in organizations open to all but whose missions seek to advance the needs of populations historically underrepresented in higher education, as determined by the administering authority.
3. Recipients shall have verified financial need as documented by the University Office of Student Financial Aid.
4. Preference shall be given in the following order as determined by the administering authority and as permitted by Federal and State law and University policy.
a. Active participants in leadership programs such as, but not limited to, George Washington Carver Scholars, Multicultural Vision Program, Academic Program for Excellence, Women in Science and Engineering, Science Bound and First Cyclones Scholarship.
b. First-generation students.
Eligibility: This award shall be made available to students of freshman or sophomore class standing as of this Spring 2024 semester. All students are required to apply for the award even if they are current Cargill thrive Scholars.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Campus Affiliations

    Please indicate if you are involved in any of the listed programs (check all that apply).
  2. thrive program Interest

    What is your primary goal following graduation from Iowa State?
  3. What experiences do you hope this program will provide you with in order to help you achieve your primary goal?
  4. Essay Question

    Throughout your college experience, how have you prepared yourself to be a leader who is culturally competent and knowledgeable about how your field impacts the human experience?
  5. Acknowledgement

    As a thrive program participant and scholarship recipient, you would be required to maintain a 2.5 GPA, attend programs and events, meet with a program impact coordinator, and follow the guidelines for scholars located here. If selected, do you agree to meet the scholar expectations?