Ames Chamber of Commerce Leadership Ames Class Scholarship

Recipients shall have a documented disability and shall have established eligibility with the Office of Student Accessibility Services. Recipients shall be residents of Story County, Iowa. If there are no eligible students from Story County the scholarship may be awarded to residents of the State of Iowa as permitted by Federal and State law, and University policy. Recipients shall be of any class standing. Scholarship may be renewed so long as recipients continue to meet stated criteria.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Scholarships offered through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) are only available to students with a documented disability and those who have established eligibility with the SAS Office. Are you currently registered and receiving services through Student Accessibility Services?
  2. Please respond to the questions below that best express your situation (Applicants are not required to answer all questions, but must answer at least one)
    • Describe a specific situation where you had to stand up for your needs or rights related to your disability
    • Share a story from your life where your disability posed a challenge, and the valuable lessons you learned from it.
    • What role has your disability played in shaping your life experiences and resilience?
  3. Please describe the ways in which this scholarship will provide financial support and assist you in pursuing your educational goals, especially in light of the impact of your disability.