Dr. Leslie Hemmingson Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine

1. Recipients shall be enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
2. Recipients shall be intending to practice large animal or food animal production, as determined by the administering authority.
3. Recipients shall be considered in the following order as determined by the administering authority and as permitted by Federal and State law and University policy.
a. Students who have attended undergraduate school or two years of pre-vet schooling at South Dakota State University.
b. Students who are originally from South Dakota.
c. If there are no eligible students from the groups listed above (a. and b.) the awards may be made to any students in the large animal or food animal production programs.
This award shall be made available to students of VM1, VM2, VM3 or VM4 class standing.

Administration: The Donor would like scholarships of $5,000 awarded annually based on available funds.