Kappa Sigma Fraternity Four Pillars Award

1. Recipients shall be members of the Gamma-Lambda chapter of Kappa Sigma.
2. Recipients shall be full-time students with the definition of full-time being a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours as determined by the administering authority.
3. Recipients shall be current in all financial obligations to the house corporation as determined by the administering authority.
4. Recipients shall be in good standing with the chapter as determined under its bylaws and as determined by the administering authority.
5. Recipients shall plan on living in the chapter house the entire academic year as determined by the administering authority.
6. Recipients shall have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.85 on a 4.0 scale the semester prior to the award.
7. Preference shall be given to recipients demonstrating exemplary leadership skills as determined by the administering authority and as evidenced by their active participation in extracurricular activities which involves directing actions, holding office, chairing committees, and/or receipt of awards. Examples of extracurricular activities include involvement in recognized student organizations, professional organizations, or community service.
This award shall be made available to students of undergraduate class standing.

Administration: Two (2) scholarships shall be awarded annually, one (1) to an underclassman (second year of college) and one (1) to an upperclassman (third year of college or above). Recipients shall be chosen by a vote of the chapter taken at the last chapter meeting of the academic year. Prospective recipients will not apply for the award and will not speak on their own behalf. They will be nominated from the floor at the final meeting. Those nominated will be excused from the meeting so that the remaining brothers may debate the merits of each. Following the debate, the nominees shall return and the confidential ballot votes will be administered by the Grand Master. If more than two brothers are nominated (each category of underclassman and upperclassman) and the highest vote getter receives a plurality only, the nominee receiving the fewest votes will be dropped and voting will continue until a nominee receives a majority of the votes cast. The positive impact made by the recipient must be within the parameters of the Four Pillars of Kappa Sigma: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. The impact need not touch on all of the pillars in the year in question.