Borlaug-Thomson Internship

Distributions shall be used to provide funding for an internship as well as a partial scholarship for the selected intern. A. Duties: In support of the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation and the historic Borlaug Farm, the Borlaug-Thomson Intern will be engaged in education and curriculum development, communications, and landscape design. The Borlaug-Thomson Intern will also assist in preparations for the Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest as well as engaging in related community affairs. The Borlaug-Thomson Intern is expected to live in the town of Cresco during the eight-week internship and shall be paid as an hourly Iowa State University student employee. B. Duration: Eight weeks during the summer. The Borlaug-Thomson Intern shall work approximately four weeks on projects in support of the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation and four weeks on projects in support of the Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest. By March 1st each year the Borlaug-Thomson Intern will select the dates of the internship and communicate the dates to all involved parties in Cresco and at Iowa State University. C. Value: The Borlaug-Thomson Internship is one of the most prestigious awards offered to undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. D. Application Process: Applicants shall submit by e-mail a letter of interest, resume and names of three references to Associate Dean David Acker, 134 Curtiss Hall, Ames, IA 50011, <>. Applications must be received no later than December 12th. Interviews will be conducted during the first week of Spring Semester. E. Eligibility: This internship shall be made available to students of sophomore, junior and senior class standing.