Music Scholarships: Woodwinds

Students who wish to be considered for music scholarships for woodwind players from the Department of Music and Theatre must apply to this scholarship opportunity.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The priority deadline for incoming students to apply to be accepted into the Music Department and for music scholarships was February 13th. You may still be considered after that deadline, by submitting your application and notifying the department: or 515-294-3831. If you wish to apply to ISU with an intended music major for Fall 2022, you must complete your application for admission to ISU and this application. Enrolling at ISU with a Music Major and any music scholarships are pending the review of your application and audition.

    If you want to be considered for a music major and scholarship for woodwind players, which instrument do you play?
  2. If you play an additional instrument, which one(s)?
  3. How long have you played the instrument(s) listed above?
  4. What is the name of your private teacher for your primary instrument/voice?
  5. What are your interests and objectives in music? If you would like to major in music, describe why.
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