Childcare Assistance Program - (CAP-G)

The CAP-G scholarship provides eligible student parents up to $750 per semester to assist with the cost of child care tuition fees. CAP-G is administered by the office of Child Care & Family Services.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The Child Care & Family Services Office will use information from the import data and the general application as well as the questions below to assist in the scholarship selection process.

    Would you like to be considered for scholarships administered by the Child Care & Family Services Office?
  2. Does your spouse/partner live with you?
  3. Identifying Information

    Name of Spouse/Partner:
  4. Is your spouse/partner a student?
  5. Academic Information

    Are you enrolled in n practicum/internship related to your degree/studies?
  6. If yes, how many hours?
  7. If other, please describe.
  8. Family Information

    How many adults are in the household?
  9. How many adults in the household are enrolled in post-secondary education?
  10. Provide the names and ages of all children under the age of 18 who reside with you in your home.
  11. What is the name of the child for which you are requesting a scholarship? One child only.
  12. Child's date of birth:
  13. Do you use a paid child care provider to fulfill your academic responsibilities?
  14. What is the name of your child's child care provider(s)?
  15. What semesters are you asking for childcare assistance? (check all that apply)
    Scholarships are not awarded for the summer terms.
  16. Student Statement of Resources
    Fill in the total amount of funds and/or resources available to you. If a line doesn't apply to you, enter 0.

    Income Resources

    Annual household gross income or current annual salary/wages, if this is a different amount (include spouse's salary):
  17. Annual value of other monetary receipts (child support, alimony, state or government subsidies, DHS Child Care Assistance, dividends, Social Security, Worker's Comp or similar benefits, etc.)
    International students must include the dollar value of their sponsorship from their government, parents or other support.)
  18. Annual monetary values of gifts or payments made by others on your behalf (for tuition, food, rent, utilities, child care, etc.):
  19. Balance in savings account(s):
  20. Investment balance (CD's, stocks, bonds, etc.):
    Do not include children's savings or TIAA, IRA, KEOGH, 401 (k) and other qualified retirement accounts.
  21. Provide any other resources of financial support not listed above. Please specify resources and amount.
  22. Essay

    All applicants must complete this section.

    Please include any information you would like the CAP team to consider when reviewing your applicaiton (e.g. financial need, the impact a CAP scholarship would have on your education, and/or other extenuating circumstances.)
  23. Confirmation of Information

    I confirm that the above information is accurate and complete. I understand that verification regarding the above information can be requested at any time. I further authorize the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid to release to the office of ISU Child Care & Family Services additional information concerning my financial and/or academic records as needed to complete the application process. If i knowingly have provided inaccurate, incomplete, or false information. I understand that I may lose my child care funding and/or be responsible for reimbursing the CCAMPIS program.
  24. Today's Date
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