Pak-Liu Fung Fund for the Promotion of Study and Research in Civil and Construction Engineering (Spring award)

The Pak-Liu Fung Scholarship is provided to encourage students to conduct research as they explore the possibility of graduate school. Students must be enrolled in C E 490 or CON E 490 the semester they are applying for the scholarship to be eligible. Recipients must be classified as a junior or senior in Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering and have an overall ISU cumulative grad point average of 3.20 or higher. Recipients must demonstrate interest in attending graduate school and cannot have received the Pak-Liu Fung Scholarship more than once previously.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you contacted a professor to see if they would be willing to work with you on a CE 490 or CON E 490 topic during the upcoming spring semester?
    (This is required to be considered for this scholarship. Potential projects include field studies, laboratory experiments, detailed literature surveys, or modeling related to a topic of interest for future graduate study.)
  2. How many credits have you and your professor agreed upon for the independent study?
    (At least one credit and not more than three credits are required. One credit corresponds to about 48 hours of work, or 3-4 hours per week, in a semester.)
  3. Please upload a letter explaining your professional objectives, interest in graduate studies, and how your proposed CE/CON E 490 contract fits into those plans.
  4. Please upload the CCEE departmental 490 Independent Study Contract made with the professor supervising your study. (Follow the instructions for the 490 contract carefully.)
  5. Please upload a 1-2 page statement expanding on the significance and motivation for your proposed project, the tasks to be completed, and the expected results.
    Be sure that the proposal reflects your understanding - Proposals copied from the faculty supervisor will not be considered.
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