Charles T. Wright, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Recipients shall be majoring in mathematics, physical or computer sciences, or engineering. Recipients shall be female. Recipients shall be of sophomore or junior class standing. Scholarship may be renewed provided recipients reapply.

Special consideration shall be given to students who have challenging personal circumstances, including but not limited to:
- Being raised in a single-parent home;
- Currently raising children;
- Being the first child of their family or extended family to attend college;
- Deemed to have significant potential but needs some encouragement to pursue science or engineering as a career and to become more involved in classes and research with fellow students and faculty (e.g. a student who may be considered shy and will benefit from the recognition of receiving this scholarship);
- Having to work one or more jobs while attending ISU and/or having to take a loan out in order to pay for all or a significant portion of their tuition, fees, books, living expenses, and other associated costs of attending Iowa State University.